Bakery & Dim Sum

Since 1986

Try Our Famous Baked BBQ Pork Bun!

Tear into a fresh and hot BBQ Pork Bun! Everything we offer is prepared fresh daily. Our handmade baked goods are a testimony to our tradition and upmost quality. Love and care is baked into every item that leaves our oven. For our customers that have watched us grow in the past 30 years, we are sincerely humbled and thankful for your loyalty. For our new customers, welcome to the family!

The Chiu Quon Family

The Best in Town

Quality and Tradition, the two words that define our business. Every item on our menu is handmade from scratch. Utilizing only the finest ingredients, we strive to maintain the highest standard. We are praised by numerous newspapers and TV shows for our unmistakeable style and taste. Food tours have recognized us as an official tasting location and with 30 years in Chinatown no one does this better. Please come visit out stores for a taste of tradition, we promise you will not regret it!

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